Zoom Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening is the turbo on hydrogen peroxide, a proven teeth whitening agent.

Zoom's patented lamp is shone on the teeth, better breaking down the hydrogen peroxide, thus removing bigger and deeper stains.

A video of before-and-after Zoom whitening illustrates its effectiveness.

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Zoom procedure

Under 1 hour

In the Zoom Whitening procedure, lips and gums are covered for protection.

Then teeth are coated with the Zoom gel (active ingredient: hydrogen peroxide at 25% concentration) and shone with the Zoom lamp (15 minutes). Once this gel-and-light step repeats three times, the treatment ends.

During these 45-60 minutes, you can simply relax and listen to music.

Benefits & Advantages

Is Zoom for you?

Zoom Whitening is fast, effective, long lasting, and safe. Enjoy these benefits with the Zoom advantage, as compared with do-it-yourself alternatives:

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Watch out

Some patients experience sensitivity for a few days, a pain killer is advisable before the treatment and after as well.

Teeth whitening systems cannot whiten crowns you may already have, possibly leading to mismatched tooth colors. How to deal with this? If the crowns are in the back of the mouth, the mismatch can be ignored; however, if some crowns are in the front, then they may have to be redone following the teeth whitening. Find out more from the ADA article about teeth whitening.