Red Rock Bistro - review

Red Rock Bistro & Bar on Humphrey Street offers good food and music along with stunning views of the sea.

Thinking of visiting? Review our favorite dishes there.

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Red Rock Bistro

Stunning location

Red Rock Bistro at 141 Humphrey Street, on top of Red Rock Point, has spectacular views of Swampscott's beaches.

In addition, it actively hosts live music, weekly deals, wine tastings, and private events.

Since owner Peter Petersiel's hiring of chef Joe Guarino, the bistro's already reknown menu has added novelty and variety.


Great variety

Our favorites at the Bistro are its oysters, lobster pizza, martinis and selection of wines. Apart from food, we recommend the jazz brunch on Sunday, and bar specials on Monday-Tuesday.

During summer, the popular take-out window offers ice cream and fried sea foods, which one can enjoy on the beach or Linscott Park.


A staple of Swampscott

The location has a long gastronomic history.

At the beginning of the 1900s, it was the popular eatery Blaisdell's eatery, pictured on the right.

Later, it became Doane's, known for its fried clams and ice cream in the 1950s. Its take-out stand still exists today. For a period, Doane's became Dale's restaurant.

Finally, it turned into Red Rock Bistro, under the current ownership of Peter and Louise since 1999.