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Protecting your personal information is a concern of Red Rock Dental.

We commit to protect the information you generate by use of this website, to the extent we reasonably can.

Please familiarize yourself with the implications for your privacy of using this website.

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Privacy policy

Email use

Red Rock Dental does not sell, share, or rent your email address or content to third parties.

We may use your email address to remind you to check your oral health, if our records show your absence in excess of 6 months, as part of our responsibility for your oral health. Other than for this purpose, and unless you consent otherwise, we do not email you ("spam"). Should you have consented to receive email about an occasional promotion, newsletter, or opening, and wish to revoke the consent, please advise us.

Red Rock Dental protects email according to security standards and practices, including encrypting messages. Yet email has no guarantee of privacy, owing to such risks as you using unsecured computers and networks, and third parties intercepting data during transmission. Once received, your email is safely stored.


A cookie is a small text file sent by our website to your computer to collect information about your online activity while in our website. You are free to decline cookies by adjusting the settings in your web browser.

Our cookies do not personally identify you or your physical address; do not track your online visits outside our website; do not access extraneous information from your hard drive. Cookies provide us with such information as when you visited and which web pages; from where the visit originated (e.g. Google, YellowPages) and where it ended (e.g. Appointment Request Form); what browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox,...) and screen resolution you used.

We use this information to improve our website and your experience; for example, web links rarely clicked may be removed, new screen resolutions accommodated.

Our server automatically keeps WebLogs, which include similar but less precise information about your activity while in our website.

Notices of privacy practices

Personal information we collect through our website is subject to HIPAA guidelines. To learn how we adhere to them, please consult our HIPAA Notice of Private Practices.

Terms of use

Use of this web site is provided under the terms and conditions below. We may modify these occasionally and with notice effective upon posting them here. Continued visits here indicate acceptance of the posted modifications.

No Dentistry

Use of this web site does not imply a doctor-patient relationship or practice of dentistry. The information in this web site is not meant to substitute for professional dental health advice.

No Guarantee

We do not guarantee that the information in this web site is precise, complete, or up-to-date.

External Links

External web sites linked to ours are not under our control and provided only for your convenience, without any endorsement. The privacy and terms of use posted here do not apply to them.