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Winning smile

Johnny Pesky

I want everyone to know that I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Parisa Safaei for at least four years. I was looking to have a "winning smile" to go along with my batting average!!

I found her to be the most gifted and talented dentist I have ever worked with. Along with her team of Specialists at [Red Rock] Dental, she performed full mouth reconstruction for me. The results were amazing and I am more than happy with the transformation. I now have the "winning smile" I always dreamed about!

Dr. Safaei made it seem easy the whole way. I cannot comment enough about her top notch dental skills, warm personality and efficient professional staff. It feels like I am visiting with old friends when I visit her office.

Gentle, affordable, high quality

Hana Fritz

Thank you very much for being such a gentle and thoughtful dentist! You have quickly diminished my nervousness and created a comfortable environment. Each time I visit, I know I am getting a high quality of treatment at an affordable cost. Your warm personality makes each visit enjoyable. And although I don't look forward to any future dental woes, I know I am in good hands.

The best

Rene Romero

I am just taking a moment to let you know how happy I am with the treatment you did to me.

This has been the best experience I have ever had; to be honest, I used to be very nervous when I went to see a dentist. Now I know that there is nothing to be afraid of.

I also want to let you know that I will be your patient for as long as I need a dentist. Also I want to tell you that your professionalism is not the only reason why I go back to see you every time, it is also because of your cheerful personality and your human sensitivity. You care about your patients, you make me feel like real patient, not like a customer!

Deepest thanks

Kristy Benea

I've always had anxiety about dental visits. If I managed to overcome the anxiety long enough to make an appointment, I would spend everyday until that appointment trying to justify why I needed to cancel it. I was referred to Dr. Safaei's office, but no amount of reassurance would convince me that this experience would be any different than any I'd had before.

Recently, I needed a procedure requiring that I return for two additional visits. Frankly, this was my worst nightmare. But a strange thing happened. I was helped by a hygienist named Heidi...We laughed about our lives, talked about music and I even flipped through her iPod while she worked on my teeth. It began to feel more like coffee with a friend than the disaster I felt inside for the duration of the car ride there.

Dr Safaei, herself, did so much to help me get the care I needed. Everyone in the office has been so generous, understanding and patient with me. So, even though I still get nervous and anxious, I know that when I have to go to the office in the future, I'll be with friends and quickly feel relaxed when I remember how unfounded my anxiety is.

My deepest thanks to Parisa and her staff.

Identifying potential trouble

Dr. Philip Rice

Dr. Parisa Safaei has been my dentist for 9 years and I wouldn't go anywhere else for dental care: when you have the best why think of changing. She is extremely knowledgeable, gentle, patient, thorough, efficient, and flexible. She has great technology in the office to bear on any tooth problem. I never have difficulty in getting an appointment that is convenient for me, and if you ever are in pain or have some other urgent tooth matter, you are seen that same day. Secondly, she is professional, talks to you in a respectful manner, cares how you feel, and gives you options for improving your oral health.

I once had the unfortunate fate of needing a root canal, but she has an endodontist who comes to the office as part of her set up, and the procedure was performed right there. No need to look elsewhere or left on your own to find an unknown entity to do the job. It's an all in one place. The support personnel are courteous and helpful, and the assistants are great. She is great at identifying potential trouble before it gets to needing the drill. I actually look forward to my teeth cleaning now that my gums are healthy (they weren't before I came to [Red Rock] Dental). Dr. Safaei has competent professionals that work there and are happy to be there. I think it is the culture and tone set by her that makes it a great place for dental care. One important thing that you will notice when coming in: the cleanliness of the rooms and the waiting area. Dr. Safaei is the best and I give her and this operation 5 stars.

Flew to Boston twice

Agniezska Siuda

I have been a loyal patient of Dr. Safaei's at the Newton office for a while. My family relocated to Charleston, South Carolina in January of this year but I just couldn't imagine going to see someone else! I flew to Boston twice to see Dr. Safaei since the move and she is absolutely worth it! Her expertise, attention and friendliness go beyond her duties. My daughter is turning one this May and I plan on taking her with me to see the pediatric dentist at the [Red Rock] Dental office. I encourage every mother, who cares about her family's dental health to visit [Red Rock] Dental. They offer pretty much every specialty and state of the art equipment at two locations: Newton and Swampscott. It's hard to believe that a dental visit can be this pleasant but it really is!

A Pleasure

Giovanna Pasquariello

I have been a happy and satisfied patient of Dr. Safaei for about ten years. Dr Safaei is an extremely good dentist who is very experienced, and a true professional who is great at explaining procedures, and performing them without any discomfort. The quality of her work is among the best. Her caring nature is something you do not find with many dentists, she always follows up with me the next day after any procedure no matter how big or small of a procedure. It is truly a pleasure to be her patient. If you are looking for a new dentist Dr Safaei is your top choice.

Best dental care

Jaber Mirkazemi

I have been a patient of Dr. Safaie for several years, and always been happy with her service and commitment. From the moment you enter her office you will find a comfortable ambiance, with friendly staff. She provides the best dental care. One of my painful experiences was when my tooth cracked while I was eating out with some friends. I immediately called Dr. Safaie's office and realized they were about to close but when I explained my situation; she stayed over her office until I got there and she extracted my tooth which needed an implant :( So this amazing commitment with excellent service made me such a happy patient :) I defiantly recommend [Red Rock] Dental as best option to take care of your special dental needs.

Extremely talented & caring

Robin Abber

It is with great respect and admiration that I write this letter to you. I would like you to know how I feel about you and your fine practice. It is an absolute pleasure to have you as my dentist, over the past several years since you have taken over Dr Mabry's practice.

I have found you to be an extremely talented and caring dentist. Both you and your staff and fellow dentists within your practice are caring and very professional. There has never been a time where I felt I was overlooked or not cared for. Every detail and concern was always answered with care and respect. I want you and your staff to know that it is with great pride that I recommend you and your staff to my family, friends, and clients of The Four Walls of Newton Massachusetts to your fine practice.

It is rare in today's world to find such perfection at ones craft. You and your staff should be proud to know that "I find your reputation to be as flawless as [Red Rock] Dental!"

Thank you again for caring about my dentistry and that of my family, clients, and friends. Your daughter is very lucky to have such a wonderful mother and father with such a fine reputation in the Newton community.