30 minutes

Why should you visit Redrock Dental & Wellness for a brow tint in Swampscott and Boston, Massachusetts? Your eyebrows can lighten over time and their color may not match your hair. A visit with our aesthetician can correct this problem. Maybe you overplucked your brows and need a quick fix. It also means less time searching for powder and brown pencils before your big night out or heading off to work.

The process is safe, quick and easy, and you will be able to start enjoying your new look before you know it. Our aesthetician will simply use a semi-permanent dye to enhance the color, shape and thickness of your natural brows.

The result last between two to three weeks. Immediately after your appointment, do not wash your brows and avoid touching them. The dye needs time to settle on the brow and achieve its full color. Use a gel-based makeup remover since an oil-based cleanser can remove the dye.

Are you ready to add the perfect accent to your face? Call our office at 781-599-4505 to make this treatment a part of your next visit with our Dr. Parisa Safaei and associates.


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