1 hour

Is the skin on your face beginning to look a little dull? Why not call Redrock Dental & Wellness at 781-599-4505? Our aesthetician can also see you for a visit for a PCA oxygenating trio in Swampscott and Boston, Massachusetts. This treatment can restore the radiance to your skin by stimulating skin metabolism. This is done by increasing the oxygenation and circulation in your face. In addition to producing a healthy glow, this treatment can help with clearing acne and improving the skin of people who smoke. You can schedule a visit for a PCA oxygenating trio a few days before a big event or if you would just like to enhance your appearance.

There are three steps to this treatment. Our team will apply an activator, followed by a detoxifier and the oxygenator. These steps involve the application of chemicals improve the circulation, promote natural detoxification, allow easier exfoliation and smooth the surface of your skin.

During your treatment, you should not experience any discomfort, but your face may feel a little warm. Along with improving your appearance and circulation, a PCA oxygenating trio can also remove toxins and address acne. You will need to carefully follow your post-treatment instructions to prevent complications and enjoy the full benefits of your visit. Dr. Parisa Safaei and associates and our team are committed to your total wellbeing!


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