30 minutes

Mascara. Who needs it? Why not skip that step with a visit to Redrock Dental & Wellness for a lash tint in Swampscott and Boston, Massachusetts? Many of our clients use this treatment, along with a lash lift to make their eyes more appealing.

The process uses a semi-permanent dye to darken your lashes without mascara. Although we use the latest in beauty technology, people have been darkening their lashes for thousands of years! This treatment can be especially effective if you have blond or light eyebrows. The visit is very simple. Our aesthetician will place a protective pad under your eyes and apply the tint to first to the lower lashes and then your upper lashes. Each application takes approximately fifteen minutes to allow your lashes to absorb the dye. The dye itself is very gentle although you may experience a little discomfort and some minor irritation.

You will need to keep your lashes dry for the first two days then wash the area with water to allow your lashes to absorb the dye. You will also need to forgo eye makeup during this time. On average, a lash tint will last around one month. You can help it last by avoiding the sun, using eye makeup without oil and staying out of the pool, since chlorine can cause fading.

When you call 781-599-4505 for an appointment with Dr. Parisa Safaei and associates, be sure to schedule some time with our aesthetician for your lash tint!


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